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We are designers and trainers.Both ways we will satisfy your needs. We also offer consultancy services. We offer agency services to those looking for choice plots, residential or office blocks to purchase, and those who have properties for sale. We have links with  reputable estate-owners and developers nationwide. is an affiliate of Succon Investment Ltd, a construction and consulting firm.


Our CEO has brought his wealth of experience into the design and development of this site. An unassuming man, the CEO believes strongly that there is no limit to what a man can achieve in life. He believes and indeed has proved that one could be 'Jack of many trades and master of all.' 

We have a team of seasoned staff and consulting partners who possess the expertise and passion to satisfy your various needs..

Sun Web Design Masters is an Abuja-based IT solutions outfit specializing in professional web & graphic design. We provide professional website design, building design, civil design, logo design, online marketing services.

Our design works are in three categories;

1. Website Design

2. Building Design

3. Civil Design

We provide CAD services for owner- builders, architects, engineers and contractors.  We deliver high quality CAD drafting services at a reasonable price, always on time for customers nationwide.

Our building designs cover:

* Architectural Design

* Structural Design

* Electrical Design

* Mechanical Design


Our team of consultants provide consultancy services in the areas of building construction and civil works, and can engage in the execution of your projects as contractors.


We provide agency services to those looking for choice plots or buildings to purchase, and those who have properties for sale.


We offer turorials in:

  • web site design
  • AutoCAD (for building design, etc)
  • Autodesk Land Development (LDD - for civil designs)

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SUBOQ Quantities 1.0.


.SUBOQ software has been designed to help the Quantity Surveyor, Engineer, Builder, Supervisor, owner-builder, who is engaged in Building Construction, to quickly obtain data for building quantities

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